Hotel Amenities

Whenever you plan a holiday out of city the first thing you consider about is a hotel to stay. A hotel can make your trip more exciting or in worst case it can ruin your trip completely so it is very important to book a hotel with proper thought and care. When it come to booking a hotel it is not just a room you are having, you will also get other things and facilities with a room, these things are compulsory and every hotel will provide you these things were of good quality or of bad quality, limited or unlimited.

There are also some hotels who will charge you extra for these things. These things are also known as amenities. The quality will of them will also depend on the type of hotel you have selected.

Some type of accommodations let people use their kitchen facilities so that they can cook whatever they want and store their food if they have brought any with them. These facilities include kitchenette, ovens, sinks, stoves and cabinets. Some will also offer refrigerators; they can be room refrigerators or full size. Extended stay hotel give these amenities more commonly than other types. Other will only offer may be a refrigerator or an oven or if it is in cold areas then you can get a heater or a coffee maker. These all things depend on the budget you have invested in your stay. If hotels do not give kitchen facilities, it will surely provide their customers hotel lobbies where they can have a little bit of food or refreshment.

Providing a television is very common in hotels but there are still some of them which do not follow this trend. There was a time when televisions were coin-operated, but it was a long, long time ago. Today there is no use of these type of TVs. Now they are free to watch, some lodgings do change extra money for cable system. Television have lost their value in hotels because of internet connections and portable videos on mobiles.  

Internet is a very new amenity and people love to have it, and hotel management does know it and use this weakness very keenly. They provide wifi connections to their guests so that they can use it with their laptops and mobiles.

There was a time when laptops and smartphones were not very common so accommodation providers were use to have computers in their lobbies for people to use if they want.

Swimming pools are also very common in hotels but they are being provided only by first class hotels, outdoors pools open only in season but indoors remain in use all the time of the year.

Giving parking space is a most, some of them even offer valet services to their customers.