Some famous wild animals of south africa

Wildlife is all about the plants and animals of different species from all over the world which are feral creature and act wildly. These are not tamed and domestic animals. They are in millions of numbers and species. If you are traveling the world you will find that they are different in every region. Their characteristics and behaviors vary from state to state. The atmospheric change according to the state effect the characteristics of these wild creatures. This is also because the big land masses of the continents are separated from each other by water. Animals have changed in years and have adopted their own ways and methods according to their environment.  

There are many continents which are famous for their wildlife and South Africa is one of them. It has the largest array of wildlife including plain animals, snakes, predators and birds. There are 299 species of mammals and 858 species of birds.

African cook or also known as Cape buffalo is the one of the most powerful creatures. It has many natural enemies, but with their size and power they can be dangerous enough with it comes to protecting themselves. They have killed human beings as well as other dangerous animals such as wild predators, lion, and hyena. They have been included into Africa’s five biggest animals. The other four are elephants, lions, leopards and rhinoceroses. Some also called them Black Death because of their killer behavior and color.

The African Oryx gazelle are the famous plain animals of this continent. They are also known as gembucks and gemsbok. These animals are used to travel in groups of 10 to 45b members. The leader of the group will be a dominant male or a few dominant females. Males have been known for attacking lions with their straight horn pointed at tip. Some females have horns which are curved to backward. There are northern and southern gemsboks. The difference in both is that the northern have black fringed ears and southern have longer horns.

Kudus are African antelopes. They are present in two groups, one is greater kudu and the other is lesser kudu. The most common in the continent are greater kudu. They have brown-grey color with white stripes which goes to the center of their body. They are fast and sneaky creatures. They are also known as grey ghost. Male have tall increasing horns and female do not have horns. This creature is considered peaceful than others.

Leopards are big cats which are the most isolated. They prey upon smaller mammals and rodents. They are known to be opportunistic hunters. They are smaller in build than lions. They have outstanding climbing skills to save them.

The wildlife of South Africa also have some bird species. Ostrich is the biggest bird the world and their largest population are in this continent. There is also goshawk which is from the family of raptors. Other than these there are tawny eagle, black-chested snake-eagle, and spotted eagle-owl.

People who love to visit safaris, make sure to visit this continent for its wildlife.